What does a property manager do?

In a community of homeowners, the property manager is the professional in charge of managing all issues related to that set of properties: from legal and financial issues, to maintenance management.

In a simpler way, we can understand this profile as the person in charge of all the daily responsibilities related with the community of owners.

The property manager has direct contact with the owners, making him the “face” of the community.

There are several property manager profiles: some are specialized in commercial properties (such as offices), while others work exclusively with private homes.

What are the duties of a property manager?

In Spain, the tasks of the property manager are reflected in Law 49/1960 of July 2021 on horizontal property.

Broadly speaking, the property manager is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. He acts as secretary in the meetings of the board of owners of that community
  2. He carries out all the accounting with a record of income and expenses, and the collection of payments corresponding to the owners.
  3. He realizes managerial tasks to ensure the correct maintenance and conversation of the spaces.
  4. He provides advice to the community of owners, or each owner individually on tax, legal, economic, or technical issues in everything that applies to real estate.
  5. He acts as a mediator and means of communication within the community of owners, or among owners, and is responsible for managing possible conflicts that may arise.

How does the figure of the property manager work in homes with secondPROP?

At secondPROP, we take care of all the necessary steps for the proper maintenance of the home and for the smooth operation of the owners’ limited company.

Once such limited company is set up, we fully take care of all property management tasks. These tasks are included in our fee of only €49 per month, per participation.

To understand all the tasks we carry out in more detail, we recommend that you read what are the costs to buy a home in secondPROP and what maintenance costs your home has with secondPROP.

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