What advantages does co-owning a second home have versus buying the whole property?

When buying a second home, many of us want to enjoy dream homes in privileged locations, to go on holiday or even to telecommute.

At secondPROP we offer you the opportunity to purchase your second home in a real co-ownership formula, with which you will enjoy from one eighth to 50% of the total of the property.

In this article we will analyse the advantages of buying a second property between two or more people.

1. You are acquiring the real ownership of a part of the second homes’ property. 

As we explained in a previous post, when you buy part of a property with secondPROP, you are acquiring the real property, and not only the right of use.

We create a Limited Company (SL in Spain) between all the owners according to the shares acquired. In addition, you can sell your share whenever you want according to the real estate market price at that moment.

2.  Being a co-owner of a property allows you to cut costs significantly..

By purchasing a part of the house – from one eighth to one half – you save not only on the initial investment (the cost of the house), but also on all maintenance costs year after year.

In addition, as all owners rotate, the house remains occupied, and in use, most of the time, thus reducing maintenance problems or breakdowns due to locking up for long periods.

3. Less worries: enjoy your second home and forget about everything else.

At secondPROP we provide you with a property manager who will take care of all the maintenance and cleaning, so that whenever you go to your second home you will find it in perfect condition.

By sharing these costs between all the owners, you will have the peace of mind of enjoying the property without having to think about big expenses or practical matters.

4. Unforgettable holidays in privileged locations

As you have been able to see in our property offer, all our properties are special and are located in unique places.

Book through the mobile app and enjoy your second home without worries, with all the luxury that we offer, and knowing that you are always coming back to the same house (your second home!), in your favourite place.


As we have explained in the previous lines, the main advantages of buying your second home shared with secondPROP are savings and convenience.

Buying the entirety of a single home would give you the advantage of enjoying it all year round, but the cost of accessing this option is much higher. And as the studies say, a second home is used on average only 14% of the year!

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