Steps to buy a home with secondPROP

At secondPROP we offer you the opportunity to enjoy your second home as a real owner, and not with timeshare formulas.

In this article we explain in detail the steps to buy a house with secondPROP and enjoy your second home during the weeks you want.

Find the house of your dreams in our catalogue and decide what percentage of ownership you want to have.

In our catalogue of properties ,you will find all types of houses in the best locations in Spain. They are homes chosen for their quality, location and state of conservation.  We have chosen special properties that you can enjoy on your own, alone, with your family or friends … however you feel like at any given moment.

Our management and service fees that we charge are 100% transparent at all times, and in each property you will find all the costs itemised: how much is the participation cost, what the secondPROP management fee is, what the decoration and maintenance costs are, etc.

In all properties you will have the option to choose what percentage of ownership you want: from half to one eighth of the home.

Next, we create the SL (LTD) with all the owners.

As all the purchasing partners have a real share in the property, secondPROP creates a limited liability company (SL) with everyone having a share according to their contribution. In addition, we take care of all the financial and legal formalities to register the company together with the other owners.

If you want to know more about how the SL works and why we make it the ideal formula for the owners, you can visit this article.

We carry out all the formalities through a notary to guarantee total transparency and security of the process.

How to pay for the house in secondPROP

If you are interested in a property from our catalogue, you will have to sign a contract with secondPROP and pay a 10% share to the limited company that will own the house.

At the time of the official purchase and sale transaction between all the owners, you will have to pay the total price.

In addition, at secondPROP you will receive the help you need for tax issues relating to your share in the house: we can advise you on tax payments and, if you are not resident in Spain, on obtaining your NIE.

Property maintenance and security guarantees

In order for you to enjoy your home with all the guarantees, at secondPROP you will be covered against possible non-payments by an owner. SecondPROP will pay the owner’s fees until the sale of his or her share.

In addition, we take care of all the necessary steps for the complete maintenance of the house, including cleaning, gardening and similar tasks, in a transparent manner and without surprises. We do not take any extra commission for these tasks: we only charge a fixed fee of 49 € per month per share. For more information on the cost breakdown, please visit.

All set: enjoy your home!

Via the secondPROP APP, you can book stays of between 2 and 14 consecutive nights for a 1/8th share, with only 48 hours’ notice. With more shares, you are entitled to more consecutive days on your stays.

We have established a fair distribution between owners, with an intelligent algorithm that takes into account general stays (scheduled in advance) and express stays (bookings for the next few days with 7 or less days in advance).

The APP is very simple and the confirmations are immediate so that you can book your property with total comfort. If you want to know in depth how the scheduling works, here you have the details.

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