How scheduling works at secondPROP: a fast, easy and fair process

When you purchase your property via secondPROP, you enjoy the real ownership of the property and you can book your stays directly through our mobile APP in a quick and easy process.

The number of nights you can book per year depends on your percentage of ownership: 45 nights if you have bought ⅛ of the property, 90 nights if you have bought ¼, and up to 180 nights if you own 50% of it.

What exactly is the secondPROP scheduling APP?

Our secondPROP mobile APP, allows you to book stays in your second home in just a few steps and directly from your mobile phone.

We have designed a system that ensures a fair distribution of holiday days between owners: the available nights per share are taken into account and a balance is established between owners to ensure that everyone can enjoy stays whenever they wish in a conflict-free way.

You will have access to the application from the moment the purchase of the property is executed. On that date, the calculation of the 365 days that is used as a basis for the distribution of nights among the owners will begin.

You only need to access your APP, select the dates of your stay, and book. We take care of everything: the property will be perfectly clean, and ready to make sure that your only concern is… enjoying your time there!

How can you book your stays to enjoy your second home

At secondPROP we have established a few simple rules to ensure a fair distribution of stays between owners, taking into account the percentage of participation, special dates that exist each year and other issues.

To simplify the scheduling process, we have created three types of stays:

  • General stays: these can be booked from 8 days to 24 months in advance. There is an annual limit of general stays available, depending on your share of co-ownership.
  • Express stays (unlimited amount): can be booked 2 to 7 days in advance.
  • High season stays: each co-owner can enjoy 1 week/share during high season times (the 8 weeks of July and August). 

Furthermore, we have set some “special dates” in the year, to ensure that all owners can enjoy one of these key days. These include Christmas Day, January 1st, Easter Friday, and other holidays (October 12th, December 6th, etc.) depending on the house and the nationality of the owners.

How many nights and stays can be booked per year?

The total number of nights available to enjoy the property depends on the percentage of your share: 45 nights per year for ⅛ of the property, 90 nights if you have ¼ of the property and 180 nights if you own 50% of the property.

The share will also determine the total number of overall stays available in the year, as well as the number of special dates available and the maximum number of nights per stay, as you can see in the following table:

1/8 share1/4 share1/2 share
General stays4812
Special Dates124
Maximum duration of your stay14 nights28 nights56 nights
Annual stay nights4590180

Therefore, for a ⅛ share of the house, you are entitled to enjoy a maximum of 4 general stays (including one “special date” day) per year. The maximum number of consecutive nights is 14 if you own one share.

In addition, as mentioned above, you are entitled to as many express stays as you want in that period, as long as you do not exceed the total limit of 45 nights per year.

All these numbers are multiplied by 2 if you own ¼ of the property, or by 4 if you have bought 50% of the property.

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