The smart way to own your second home…
For only one eighth of the price!

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    Would you like to have this villa for just 146,937?

    Buy your second home between 2 to 8 people. At secondPROP we take care of everything, including finding the other co-owners, the purchasing process, all legal aspects involved, maintenance, and coordination of the use of your home.

    It's NOT a timeshare

    Our purchase model has nothing to do with a timeshare, or better said, with SecondPROP you have real ownership of the house. Here we show you the differences:


    Enjoy a spectacular second home for as little as 1/8th of the price.
    Work remotely or enjoy a holiday whenever you want throughout the year.
    Don’t worry about the legal process or maintenance of your second home.
    Enjoy your home while making a profitable investment.
    Why pay 100% of a home when you only use it a few weeks a year.
    Sell your home in the future at market prices.

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