The easy and smart way to buy your second home in Spain... With your group of friends or family!

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    Buy your second home between 2 and 8 friends, save money by sharing all expenses and enjoy a conflict free experience with our equitable booking system via APP.

    Choose from one of the properties available on the secondPROP website or tell us your preferences and budget and we will find you a home that suits all your needs.... Anywhere in Spain!
    We manage the creation of a Limited Company to buy the house. Our service includes all the international legal and fiscal processes... In an easy way!
    Enjoy a conflict free experience by booking through the APP, alone or with your friends. Maintenance management, cleaning and tax payments, basically the boring stuff... We do it for you!

    Would you like to buy this villa for 146,937 each?

    No we did not make a mistake, this spectacular villa can be yours for that price. If you prefer something more luxurious or more affordable, no problem, we will prepare a personalized proposal just for you at no cost or obligation, just tell us how many of you there are and where you would like to have the house and we’ll get to work.

    Benefits for friends

    Enjoy a spectacular home for an eighth of the price.
    Get away to work remotely or on holiday whenever you want throughout the year.
    Don't have to worry about the legal formalities and maintenance of your home.
    Invest and become owners of a house at a great moment of purchasing prices.
    If you wish, we can manage the rental of the property when you are not there so you get an additional income.
    You can sell the property or your share at market price whenever you want, no strings attached.

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