Is it worth buying a second home as an investment?

Despite the constant changes in the markets together with the recent recessions, the real estate sector is one of the most resilient in times of crisis, mostly due to the profitability derived from purchases and rentals.

In this article we talk about buying a second home as an investment: the advantages and disadvantages of the process, and how to manage it in the simplest possible way.

Buying a second home as an investment for renting or resaling.

As you know, buying a second home requires an initial investment plus maintenance costs, both in terms of technical aspects and tax payments.

A purchase of this kind is usually amortised by renting the property in the long term (and thus also guaranteeing its use and profitability all year round), although it can also be kept for a period of time to sell it again at another time when its value has increased. Logically, the main advantage of these options is the possibility of earning passive income from an initial investment. 

However, this solution requires time and money. In case of renting, it is necessary to maintain communication with tenants and to manage their use and possible problems arising from their occupation. In addition, in case of long-term rental, your second home will not be available for your personal enjoyment.

Advantages of buying a second home as an investment with secondPROP.

At secondPROP we offer you a unique model of co-ownership of your second home. We give you the opportunity to own a part (from 1/8 to 1/2) of an exclusive luxury property in the best areas of Spain.

In addition to enjoying your second home for your holidays or for remote work, you enjoy the actual ownership of that share.

In the case of secondPROP, you cannot rent the property to third parties, but you do have the opportunity to sell your share of the property freely, according to the market price when you want to have your investment back.

Moreover, during the time you own your second home, you don’t have to worry about any administrative procedures. At secondPROP we take care of all the maintenance, cleaning and control of expenses and income: you can access the information at any time directly from the mobile APP. 

In other words: buying a second home with secondPROP as an investment offers you all the advantages of a second home (you enjoy it for your holidays), without the stress of maintenance or management, and with the total freedom to make the sale later to recover your money and even earn on the transaction if there is an upward moment in the market.

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