How to prepare your second home for remote work

What do you need in your second home in order to be able to work remote? In this article we have selected some useful tips and accessories that can help you pack for your stay.

Your second home with secondPROP, ready for remote work

We know that there are many possible uses for a second home: you can use it to relax on the beach, to cook barbecues with your family… or to work remote part-time or full-time while enjoying beautiful weather and views.

All the properties we offer are equipped with high-speed wireless Internet connection, and you won’t be short of bright spaces with comfortable furniture to rest your laptop on.

So you’ve got your basic remote work needs covered. Your second home can become your office within minutes of your arrival: just choose a space and turn on your computer to work.

What is the best space for working remote?

When choosing the perfect corner that will become your office during your stay, take into account two fundamental aspects: natural light (plenty of it, but avoiding direct sunlight) and temperature.

In the summer, you can take advantage of the terrace or outdoor spaces during the cooler hours of the day and use rooms without direct sunlight and with air conditioning during the hottest times of the day.

Another interesting option is the dining room table, which offers ample space to organise your documents or work on projects that require you to review a lot of graphic material on paper.

Before your arrival, at secondPROP we carry out a thorough cleaning of the property, so that you have all the spaces at your disposal. We take care of everything so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

The best remote work accessories you can bring to make your stay easier

In addition to your choice of space, you can pack a few accessories to make your remote work experience more comfortable. They can be useful during your stay or on your commute to and from your second home.

Take note of our list of recommendations:

  • A small wireless keyboard (Bluetooth) if you work with a tablet.
  • A wireless mouse so that your wrists don’t get so tired on your laptop’s trackpad.
  • A mini LED light via USB to connect to your laptop in case you need to take notes on paper next to your computer in low light conditions.
  • A lightweight, foldable document stand.
  • A small elevating stand for your laptop or tablet to ensure a good viewing angle and more comfortable typing. 
  • A wireless headset with microphone for your calls and video calls. Choose a model that offers good sound quality and noise cancellation.

Remember that these type of accessories cannot remain in the property, as at secondPROP we must ensure that all owners find the space in the same initial conditions for the rooms and without personal belongings from other co-owners.

Therefore, it is important that you only bring light and easy to carry accessories, which do not represent an additional burden on your luggage to and from the property. Take only the things you will need or that you can leave in the 2mx1mx1m wardrobe that secondPROP provides you with in your second home.

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