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secondPROP is the simplest and smartest way to co-own your second home.


Choose your dream house:

Search and choose the home that's perfect for you and your family from our listings. In each one you will be able to see, in a very transparent way, your purchase investment: the price of the house, the interior decoration, our management fee and the maintenance costs. Decide how much you want to have, from half of the property (180 nights per year), to one eighth (45 nights per year). On the other hand, if you have seen a house in another real estate agency that you like, send it to us and we will manage the purchase with them. We only ask you to carefully choose a special house, just like we would do.

SL Creation:

Once the house is chosen, we create a professional limited company (LTD, SL in Spain) in which we manage the legal and financial aspects, while we look for other like-minded owners. In this partnership each partner has a real part of the house, you own part of the property. We remind you that our purchase model has nothing to do with timeshare, where you only have a right of use at fixed times. Not the property.


Ownership and taxation:

Once we have all the owners of the house, the house is fully owned by you, we do not keep any participation, we only manage the company for your convenience with property managers. We help and advise you with all the fiscal part of the operation, from obtaining the NIE if you are a non-resident in Spain, to the taxation in IRPF or IRNR for non-residents.


We take care of all aspects of the maintenance of the house, from the management of the property, the payment of taxes or the day-to-day repairs. In your maintenance fee we also keep money for unforeseen events, such as, for example, a roof repair. SecondPROP does not make a margin on all these tasks, we only charge 49 €/month per share as a management fee and we will send you an quarterly breakdown of all the detailed expenses.


Security against default:

If an owner is unable to assume the maintenance or loan payments on their share, don't worry, SecondPROP will take care of everything, we will fix the owner's situation by financing their dues and find another owner, without affecting your fixed monthly payments.


We have a mobile application in which you can book from 2 days to 14 days in a row, with only 2 days in advance. We take care of deep cleaning... and even put your bed linen, so that when you arrive you can comfortably enjoy your home. The application is designed to be fair among owners through an intelligent algorithm, for example distributing special dates (Christmas, Easter, Summer, Bank Holidays…)



You will be able to sell your share whenever you want, in a totally transparent way, where you set the price. First we will offer your participation to the current owners and if they are not interested, we will look for a buyer together with prestigious real estate agencies.

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