How to prepare your second home for remote work

What do you need in your second home in order to be able to work remote? In this article we have selected some useful tips and accessories that can help you pack for your stay. Your second home with secondPROP, ready for remote work We know that there are many possible uses for a second home: you can use it to relax on the beach, to cook barbecues with your family... or to work remote part-time or...

Right of use vs. co-ownership of the home with SecondPROP

Surely in the past you have heard of right-of-use formulas (misnamed "timeshare"/"timesharing") for homes that turned out not to be as transparent as promised. Unfortunately, there are "right of use" formulas on the market that do not actually guarantee any percentage of home ownership. In practice, they require you to pay a kind of "rent" to enjoy the second home at certain times of the year, without...

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