Want to work with us? secondPROP is the easiest way to generate new income.

Just send us a referral and we do the rest.
We explain them the whole SecondPROP model (legality, taxation, maintenance).
We pay you 3% commission for each buyer who closes a purchase.

Join SecondPROP!

Leave us your agent or real estate information and we will contact you to start working together as soon as possible. It's a win-win that you can't miss, 3% of the buyer's share is waiting for you.

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As you know, closing a property sale takes months of work, in our model, just giving us the client's contact and explaining how Second Prop works in general terms is enough. That's 2 hours of work at the most!
As these amounts are lower than selling a whole house, the closing is much faster, in a few weeks the transaction will be closed and as soon as the sale is formalized, we will immediately pay you your commission.
Earn commissions where none existed before, from the buyer's point of view, not the seller's. Earn 3% for each interested client, whether it's a ⅛ or one-half of the property.

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