Enjoy your second home together with other people, pay for what you use while saving on your maintenance costs

Choose from our properties the one you love and decide how much you want to own, from half to one eighth, paying only for what you actually use your second home for. Furthermore, with secondPROP you have REAL ownership of the property through the purchase of shares in a Limited Company. The owners have 100% of the property.
With secondPROP you have the option of renting a property for the year at a much more affordable price than a traditional rental. Enjoy it on your days off and/or telecommute from your second home. You have 3 options, one week a month, two, or three, paying only for what you really end up using your second home.

Our philosophy

At secondPROP we want to democratize the access to second homes for as many people as possible. That is why we have come up with two different models, one for buying and one for renting, both simple and reliable, where we take care of all the home’s management, so that our community only has to think about one thing, enjoying their new home.

The properties we choose are special places in wonderful locations in Spain. We think that the homes should be a perfect mix between the energy they transmit and the rational space we need, always personalizing the environment to make you feel at home.

We feel the responsibility for becoming providers of unique spaces in which to create lasting memories. Along the way, hours and hours of work to make sure all is in place. This is the only way we are able to identify with the idea we want to convey.

Properties for sale

Properties for rent


Once you have become a new tenant or co-owner with secondPROP you will be able to view, book, exchange and release your stays through the APP in an easy, fast and fair way for everyone. Manage your time in your second home without headaches and from wherever you want!


Enjoy a second home for much less than you think.
Get away to work remote or for a few holiday days throughout the year.
Don't worry about the cleaning, maintenance, payment of bills and legal formalities of your second home, we take care of everything for you.
You only go to your second home for a fraction of the time of the year. Make the most out of your investment.
Try our innovative group-renting model, unique in the market.
If you have bought in co-ownership, sell when you want at market price and benefit from the revaluation of your investment.

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